23 August 2010

I Like Biology with 20%

"Biology (from Greek βιολογία - βίος, bios, "life"; -λογία, -logia, study of) is the science of studying living organisms."
114 elements
18 papers

Cell theory, evolution, genes, energy, animals.... this all you can find in this one kit. You wonder if it is possible to decorate your pages with paramecium and other forms of life? Try this kit and surprise yourself. There is life in this kit!
There are different kind of flowers, mushrooms, trees and wooden frames. You can also find here some unusual elements like a brain in the jar, skeleton, viruses or all kind of bugs. There are also some elements for doodle fans. And the crazy professor is wearing doctor's gown...From paramoecium, diatom through trichomonad and dinosaurs  to mammals like bears and turtles.
Place you scenes in the Natural History Museum  and in wild forest. You can find here papers decorated with different forms of bacteria, grass and fungus. Perfect kit for all kind of school projects.

Attention! Parasites and viruses are  included. Using this kit can be infectious...

This kit is S4H friendly. Read  TOU for more details.



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6 August 2010

At the end of the Beanstalk .New with sale and some freebies.

This kit contains

18 papers

75 elements

Do you know The History of Jack and the Bean-Stalk? Who doesn't know it? Do you like the story? If you like it you can play with my elements and be a giant or the Jacky ourselves. If you do not like it , you can create your very own version of this story..perhaps little more happy for the giant? Just let your imagination run wild....

Almost all elements are hand painted and created at hight print quality 300 dpi.

Get it with 20% sale  only today.

Price: $4.80


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This kit is for personal use only

page by Manuela

Here is also freebie for you.
One paper for Cu

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If you download this and find it useful please let me know and post your comments.