30 September 2010

Master of Puppets, sale and some freebies.

Finally I've created new kit. This totally bizarre Halloween kit.  

Master of Puppets
by Marta van Eck

"You are a puppet, but in the hands of the infinite, which may be your own."
 ~Antonio Porchia

This kit contains:
82 elements
10 papers

I always wanted to create a kit stylized on  baroque style. I also love old puppet theatres and decided to make this unusual Halloween kit. I put in this kit very versatile elements so you can also use it as usual kit and also after Halloween. This kit is  designed in grey and red colours but contains also some typical autumn colours accents like decayed brown and some gold elements which were typical for baroque. Papers are decorated with wonderful damask patterns, peeling paint and vintage wallpapers. I created also one scene paper. With this kit you can try to change yourself into a puppet. Use different plastic legs, mannequin hands and  torso. Some creepy eyes or button  wigs and dress make the look of a scary puppet complete.
There are no recoloured and only non shadowed elements.
This kit is S4H friendly. Read my TOU

Get it with 20% sale :)

I also put my last year  Halloween kit in the store. Buying my kit Master of Puppets you can get 
my kit le Comte the Greyscale with 60% sale :)  Normal price is 6 dollars. Buying together you  get the entire le Comte collection for only 2,40 dollars !!!

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Just put first Master of Puppets in basket and then add the kit le Comte the Greyscale and the discount will work starting on 1st October.

And of course I got some freebies for you.
This wonderful CU damask paper 
download here
And second freebie: teeth for PU. You can use it also with my kit Master of Puppets :)
If you download this and find it useful please let me know and post your comments.

29 September 2010

Another sneak Peek into my kit :)

This new baroque and Halloween is coming to my shop at shabbypickle on Friday 1st. I also  got my last year kit in shop and will have a really nice sale for entire month  :). I prepared also some freebies on Friday so do not forget:  Friday, on 1st October and be with me on my blog or in my shop. And if you do not want to miss another freebie subscribe to my newsletter or to my fun page on facebook.

Today I got this small freebie for you for PU use only.

Come on Friday for more freebies :)

25 September 2010

Sneak peek into my newest kit coming next week.

 Hallo everyone,
I was not very active on my blog last time. But I was busy working on some new projects.
I also was to released new kit  next week. From this occasion sneak peek into some previews :)

Hope you like it :)

13 September 2010

And the winners are,,,

 Just a short update about the winners:
 1. Madeline

2. Brenda

 3. Linda

I will contact you soon and send you coupon :)

Thank you all for participating and till the next time.

10 September 2010

Some stuff on shabby, freebie and coupons for you

Do you still want to buy anything in my store after sharing entirely free kit with you?
If YES I put some old/ new stuff into my store on shabbypickledesigns and hope you like it. It is not new stuff but I was selling this only for a short time before I left my old shop so perhaps you do not know it?

The first one is cozy attic add on All Dressed up. The main idea come from lulutoo  who give me a lot of inspiration for  elements. I created 48 elements and 9 new papers. this kit coordinated also with cozy attic kit.

I used here photo made by Marcus Ranum

I also release on shabby my le Kitchen kit because many people ask me about this on :)
So here it is. I want to thank you mumure who let me used some of her stocks  to build this kit. Thank you mumure!
le Kitchen 

118 elements
30 papers
free alpha

This kit is perfect for all that kitchen photos, to made wonderful vintage cookbooks or to prepare some funny pages with your kids playing in kitchen. If you don't have any kitchen photos you can turn every photo into the kitchen one using kitchen furniture from this kit. I designed almost everything you need: fridge, stove ( one old and one very old), furniture, table, sink, stool and many more. No recoloured elements and in un-shadowed version only. I designed also some food: like pasta, two kind of cheese, chicken, bread, croissant, toast, cabbage , tomatoes, pepperoni . There is plenty of kitchen equipment:like wooden spoon, forks, pots, bottle of milk, bread-boards and many other. There are of course some photo frames, notepaper and open books.  Taste this delicious mix of realistic,  hand painted elements and French kitchen.

Bon App├ętit!

This product is S4H Friendly

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Buy it from here :)

I got also this freebie:
QP family tree

download here

And finally if you want to win any of my stuff I posted today please post you comments and I will choose 3 lucky winners of Monday :)
Please leave some  contact  info.

If you download this and find it useful please let me know and post your comments.

1 September 2010

I love le Chocolate, save 25 % and some freebies for you.

 After problems we got lately on shabby the shop is finally working. I got this kit already available  at my store.
I Love Le Chocolate
by Marta van Eck

"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt."

This package contains:

127 tasty element
30 papers

    This tasty kit will make happy all chocolate  consumers. You can create the most delicious pages using tasty elements and delightful papers. Inspiration for this kit was book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  You will not find here any character from the book only the main motif: which is chocolate factory. You can use elements to construct your own factory, produce many sweets and cakes and also create unusual ice-creams. In this kit you can find many pipes, crazy engines and machines, chocolate doodles, cakes, cake candles, ice creams, cookies, lollipops, gloopy frames, test tubes filled with chocolate, chocolate stains, clock, weird pumpkins and trees, old bed, walnuts, cabbage, bunch of keys and many other elements. You can place your scenes in a factory using my scenery papers. I created 9 scenery papers and 21 patterned papers. A lot of hand painted elements, crazy machines and sweets.

Attention! This kit is highly caloric. High content of cacao butter.

page by mumure
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I got also this small CU freebie for you
And for all customers that stay with me and waited till the shop is working  big Thank YOU and I got also a big freebie for you. Entire kit for free. I decided i will share it for you. Someone perhaps already got this but if you do not have take a look on preview and get it here completely free :)

Here it is. Entire kit completely for free in my shop.

This kit contains:
18 papers
58 elements

If you download this and find it useful please let me know and post your comments.