30 July 2010

Cozy Attic, coupons for you and freebie.

Cozy Attic at shabbypickledesigns shop. Now it is available as entire kit. No papers and elements packs are sell separately.

Cozy Attic
by Marta van Eck

"The past is an old armchair in the attic, the present an ominous ticking sound, and the future is anybody's guess. "
~ James Thurber~

This Elements pack contains:
90  vintage and antique elements
24 papers

    I visited my grandma's attic last summer and took some photos. I returned to these photos about a month ago and I had a brainwave to  make an attic kit! Cozy attic with a lot of old, vintage stuff, antique frames, some junk from the past and some dust of course.  I used some authentic stuff of my grandma's: like the old, antique phone. I used to play with that phone when I was a child. Now you can also play with this phone and make wonderful pages with it. Besides the phone you can find here an old phonograph, antique baby carriage, vintage TV, pilot hat, old shoe, worn wooden frames, rusted  bathtub, really old armchair and a lot attic junk. Create wonderful pages using potatoes which just started to sprout, with  lazy cat, old books, spider webs, attic dust, old furniture and vintage toys. This pack contains also  patterned and scene papers. Those papers were designed only in two colours: brown and  fresh green. Relax your eyes with those warm and cosy colours. Placed  you scenes on secret attic full of mysterious lights,  nooks and crannies. Patterned papers are decorated with vintage flowers, weathered wood or worn out textures. Some of papers are decorated with primitive lamps made from light  bulb and and electric cable.

This product is for Personal Use only.

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Page made by Manuela.
I got also this freebie for you:
A set of 6 wonderful wordart which coordinate with my kit New Life In me.
download here
I  got also this coupon for you to get the kit  New Life in Me with50% :)

This is the code:

It can be use only 3 time (first come first served)  and aplicable only with New life In me kit.
If you download this and find it useful please let me know and post your comments.

23 July 2010

The Future is Steampunk and freebies

I release at deviantscrap my steampunk kit. If  you do not know it perhaps it is worth to check this? The kit is really huge. It is more then 340 mb!!!!!

The Future is Steampunk 
Entire kit
 by Marta van Eck

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. "
~Arthur C. Clarke

 This pack contains
94 elements
33 papers

   With this kit you can create the most steamed  and  geared pages  ever. You  will find here Victorian elegance and industrial   climate. Feel the whiff  of 19th century. The kit contains a lot of gearssteam engines and inventions,  bizarre  goggles, keys, metal frames, clocks, mechanical bird and owl, old bicycle, gramophone, mechanical horses, vintage TV and mannequin and many other elements.This pack contains  also 11 scene papers which can take you to the other world, Victorian rooms and other bizarre location and 22 patterned papers. Metal plates, rusted papers, Victorian wallpapers, wooden textures, geared papers  and  weathered  panels.

 I already show you pages made by my CT. Here are two pages made by shabbypickledesigns creative team ladies Ellie and Monicca.

And another page from me :)

I got also this rusted and geared paper for you. This papers is for Cu. Read my TOU.

If you download this and find it useful please let me know and post your comments.

18 July 2010

Why?What How? and some freebies for you..

 and my kit  Why? What ? How is now available at shabbypickledesigns.

Why? What? How?

by Marta van Eck

"No question is so difficult to answer as that to which the answer is obvious."
- George Bernard Shaw -

This kit contains:
- 20 papers
- 95 elements

I have a 4 years old son who always asks questions. He asks a lot and I am sure some of you know this from experience ?  All those WHY? WHAT? HOW? questions. I decided to design this special kit to talk about all those questions. This kit has a lot of very versatile elements to play as the questions are also very versatile. There are some ready to use questions-wordarts, but I am sure you could add  to this kit 1000 more of your own questions.

Papers are designed in bright blue and green colours. Elements are mostly (90%)  hand painted. I designed also some cartoon characters and created speech bubbles so you can try to create some kind of comic book pages. Dinosaur, spider, funny monsters, doodles, fish, silhouettes of kids, blots, typing machine, door, furry chair, flowers, crayons and many other elements ready to use.

This kit is  S4H friendly.
Read included TOU.

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There is also alpha which coordinate with this kit. I want to share it with you for free.

The entire collection " Why?What? how?" is S4H friendly.

If you download this and find it useful please let me know and post your comments.

16 July 2010

Big Opening today and a lot of freebies for you!!!

I am starting with my newest product which is Sink or Swim kit. I must tell you you were nearly  to guess the theme of the kit.  The theme like you see is swimming pool.This  kit is filled with water and inflatable elements :) 


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This  kit contains 90 only hand painted elements ( no extracted CU products  from  other designers) and 16  papers
I included in this set  three scene papers with different swimming pool locations. Patterned papers are decorated with waves , reefs textures  and water caustics. 
A lot of  water splashes, water splatters and water bubbles and droplets, swimming pool  equipment, inflatable toys, diving accessories , surfing boards which can be use as tags and a lot of funny and useful elements. Perfect to decorate all summer and holiday photos .
There is also an alpha which coordinates with the entire collection :)

I also have to announce who win the free copy of the kit:

1. twomama
2. Anna-Marie

Congratulations and I hope you will enjoy the kit and  perhaps also show me you pages done with the stuff?

I will contact with you soon and send you coupon for the kit.
I also got some great freebies for you: )

After I left zigzagscrap I was working on the part of their collab kit Pebble Cove. Because I left the shop  before the kit was released  I did not put my part into the kit so I am giving this to you as freebie.

If you want to get the entire kit please visit zigzag and see how great the collection is.

This part contains :

5 papers
8 elements

download freebie here

I got also this Cu water-splash freebie for you.  

download freebie here  

By mistake I put Pu licence in the zip. But this is CU product.
My Cu licence you can read here. 

  And another freebie from one of my creative team girls Mumure.
This wonderful QP made with my kit Sink Or Swim

click here to grab it

If you download this and find it useful please let me know and post your comments.

5 July 2010

Big changes and sneak peek into newest kit.

I change my logo and I soon going to change my shop. I am working on my new blinkie... hope it is going to be done in a few days .
  I will sell in a new great place. I am sure you heard about this shop .. I will release my new kit in the new store at July 16th. Here are some sneak peeks for you.

Any idea what could be the title or theme?
If you got some ideas please post it in comments.
I will choose 3 lucky winners from everyone comment in this post and share 3 copy of the new kit with you : )
Good luck!!!

 * coupons will be send  to you by mail  on 16th  July which is a day of my new shop opening :)
If you download this and find it useful please let me know and post your comments.