30 July 2011

The Great Adventure, new cu packs and some freebies for you

First I want to announce that I start new game on deviantscrap  on 1st August. Please check this thread and search for my  Fairy Tale August Game on Monday :)

Today I released my newest kit "The Great Expedition"

“Life is either a great adventure or nothing.”

Helen Keller

This kit contains 18 papers and 85 elements. It was inspired by a movie UP. There are great hand painted scene papers with fluffy clouds and dreamy skies. Mostly hand painted elements are the perfect choice if you need to decorate some pages of little pilots or adventurers. But I included also many patterned papers and vintage elementsso this stuff is also suitable for adult photos. Old backpack, parachute, vintage airplanes, magnifying glass, helmet, pilot goggles, worn shoes, tent, camp- fire, antique photo frames, vintage clock and fluffy dog. Just anything you need to experience the greatest scrapbooking adventure ever :)

page by lulutoo
page by lulutoo

page by eagleszem

page by zaza

To see some more pages check the product previews

I also got this two commercial use packs for you.

Beautiful skies

This pack contains 6 papers with cloudy skies. I used some of them to create papers for my newest kit The Great Expedition. Wonderful skies, in dreamy colours and with fluffy clouds. One papers with water reflection and one with night sky.

This product if for CU.

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Bad Habit CU

"One thousand Americans stop smoking every day - by dying."

This quote, although shocking is unfortunately true. I do not smoke, never smoked and make this pack of bad habit commercial use elements, so you can create digital stuff or pages about how to quit smoking.
Diary about how you fight with bad habit. But you can also use it to decorate some pages with this vintage actors.. they used to smoke a lot in the 20's.

You can find there 24 elements. Cigarettes, smoke, ashtrays, matches and some burned holes. I also included some psd files with layers so you can use the holes on 3600X 3600 papers. All elements were hand painted using rendered cigarets textures.

And the best is...it costs even less then a pack of cigarettes.

Breathe healthily, live happily!

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I got also this small PU freebie for you.

One medal which coordinate with my newest kit The Great Adventure

And one papers for CU which coordinates with my newest CU skies pack

26 July 2011

Sneak Peek into...and new challenge on deviantscrap in August.

Here is sneak peek into my new kit coming out in August.

I also start new game on Deviantscrap in August.  If you would like to find some more details please visit my blog next week  :)
If you download this and find it useful please let me know and post your comments.

20 July 2011

July Freebie Wallpaper.

I made some photos and created wallpaper in HD size. Thought I can share it with you...

If you download this and find it useful please let me know and post your comments.

17 July 2011

Corrected link for The Farm Freebie Elements

I am sorry you had problems with my download. I was on  vacation for one week and just come back and repaired it for you. So If you still need some great elements for my Farm papers visit my freebie page and grab it.

If you download this and find it useful please let me know and post your comments.

8 July 2011

The ark new kit, winners and some freebies.

I really appreciate that you post some nice comments under my last post :)
So, here are the previews of the newest kit and I hope you are not disappointed?

page by eagleszem

page by erzsocica

“Such is the human race, often it seems a pity that Noah... didn't miss the boat.”
~Mark Twain~
Well known theme, well worn story and well designed 12 papers 70 elements. If you think this is another kit withcute animals and some water then you are wrong! Yes, there are some animals but most of them are designed in  primitive look, with button eyes and linen body darn with cotton threads. Animals do not always reflect the reality but even when it is more in cartoonish way.  Yes, there is also water  but  mostly looks like stage design: waves painted on cardboard, primitive sun and moon hanging on rope yarn, wet cardboard box, some primitive flowers, pile of old books, cardboard clouds , one primitive  wooden shrine, hanging curtain and many other accessories to build your own theatrical scenes. Of course there is also the Noah doll with rough hair, long beard , his hammer and ark. Besides there are also  realistic thunders and hand painted rain, mountain Ararat and all stuff you can see on the previews and I did not mention about it.  All elements and papers are hand painted in GIMP and saved at 300 dpi  as .png files.
You can also find useful bonus alpha I included in the zip. Simply, gothic alpha letters on cardboard. This could be  perfect to decorate  some spiritual pages or just any pages with the whiff of ancient times.

This kit is S4H friendly. Read included TOU.

The winners are:

I will contact you and send you  coupon to get free copy of my newest kit.

All the rest thank you for participating .
You can also buy my kit on deviantscrap.

You can by the way grab freebie paper I got in shop:

If you visit section freebies on my blog you may notice I add another freebie kit for you.

The Old Farm
This kit contains 

I also add new CU product to the store:

Pack of 6 doodle borders/edges to give your papers or elements funny doodle look. Doodle can be combine with each other to achieve many interesting effects. I also included basic watercolour frame so you can make transparent edges, fill the inside with black colour and use my borders also as masks.
This product is for CU/PU.

If you download this and find it useful please let me know and post your comments.

4 July 2011

Sneak peek into my newest kit and freebie for you.

I just want to share this sneak peek with you. Looks interesting?

This kit will be available next  Monday. I will also  choose 3 users who will leave a comment and give them free copy of me stuff :) And today I got one free Mask for you. This one is for PU only. It comes from my pack of Wonderland masks. The first one for for free to grab on my blog directly.


If you download this and find it useful please let me know and post your comments.