14 September 2011

Some old and new stuff ....

I just put one of my 2010 releases to the shop. My Master of Puppet kit.

This kit contains:
82 elements
10 papers

I always wanted to create a kit stylised on baroque style. I also love old puppet theatres and decided to make this unusual Halloween kit. I put in this kit very versatile elements so you can also use it as usual kit and also after Halloween to create some art dolls. This kit is designed in grey and red colours but contains also some typical autumn colours accents like decayed brown and some gold elements which were typical for baroque. Papers are decorated with wonderful damask patterns, peeling paint and vintage wallpapers. I created also one scene paper. With this kit you can try to change yourself into a puppet. Use different plastic legs, mannequin hands and torso. Some creepy eyes or button wigs and dress make the look of a scary puppet complete.
There are no recoloured and only non shadowed elements.
This kit is S4H friendly. Read my TOU

I added also two new products :
Burned Alpha