10 December 2011

Christmas sale 50%.

All my winter and Christmas stuff is now till Christmas 50% on sale!!!
Visit my shop and grab some stuff to make wonderful Christmas wishes, postcards of just funy pages for your friend and family.

30 November 2011

Doodle flowers in my shop

This pack contains 6 different flowers. 6 doodle versions and 6 watercolour painted flowers. Perfect for all hybrid projects and ATC pages or to decorate your artistic journals. Small summer accent for this winter days :)

This product is for CU/PU/S4H

You can buy it here

3 November 2011

New kit release, some sales and freebies for you.

Here it is: my newest the creepiest kit I ever made for Christmas...

Creepy Christmas

Attention: if you are allergic to singing out of tune fishes do NOT CLICK ON FISHY!!!

If you want  fishy to  stop singing  click on her  again.  And better do it quick.

This years I decided to break with traditional Christmas kits invention and created kit which is neither   sweet nor cosy. Although,  you can sure  create some cosy  and funny Christmas pages with it.
What you can not find in this kit?  Fluffy teddy bear and nice elf....for sure. But you will find instead some ugly teddy bear, naughty Santa's helpers, burnt Christmas Tree (pine), creepy doll, broken Christmas balls, leaky socks filled with  coal  and frozen cat. But there are of course some traditional Christmas elements like: candles, cookies and  Christmas lights...of course some of lights are broken but it can still give you a nice glimmer. And if you want to  warm up the frozen cat just place him in front of  old and grungy fireplace.
This kit contains:
108 creepy elements
and 20 papers

Alpha can be buy separately.

This kit is for Personal Use Only.

page by lulutoo

page by lulutoo
page by Marta
page by eagleszem

page by zaza
page by mbabka
page by erzsocica
page by mbabka

page by armyGrl
page by Billa

I also got sale on iDSD :)

Here are some freebies for you.

one winter overlay freebie
download here

In the section freebies I got this donation gift. Download links will be sent after you donate my page :)

Here are the winners of free copy of my newest kit Creepy Christmas:

3. Lee Davis from facebook

Congrats. I will contact you soon and send you coupons :)

If you download this and find it useful please let me know and post your comments.

27 October 2011

New CU winter products on sale.

I got this new cu winter packs for  you....on sale right now....





You can buy  it here

Have a nice day.

25 October 2011

Sneak peek and video.

Just a short video with my newest kit advertisement. The kit is coming on 3rd November :)

And a small sneak peek for you :)

And if you want to win my kit leave your comment under my post or under my movie on Facebook

 and I will choose random 3 winners on 3rd November :)

11 October 2011

Le Comte de Greyscale at deviantscrap, some freebie and new challenge on 20th October.

I re- released my old Le COmte de Greyscale kit.

*Re- released from 2010
This huge Halloween pack contains: 
132 elements
24 papers + bonus 5 papers 
One Alpha 

It is a great  tread for all Tim Burton fans. Designing this kit I was inspired by movies likeCorpse Bride and  Nightmare Before Christmas. Papers are designed mostly in grey scale  to achieve climate of  grave fear. There is also bonus papers pack with 5 colour papers.Skeletons, ghosts, vampire, scary mushrooms, dusky fog, crazy pumpkin head, bats, raven, funny hats, mysterious door and spooky trees are only few of elements you can find in this kit.
This products is for Personal Use.

Price: $3.00 

save 50%
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I got also this freebies for you.
One Halloween elements for PU

And one elements for CU.
This silhouette of pregnant women.

download here

On 20th October I got this challenge on deviantscrap.
Join me on 20th October and win this small Halloween freebie for PU.

One alpha, 13 elements and 6 papers :)

If you download this and find it useful please let me know and post your comments.

5 October 2011

Assemblage my new kit on Deviantscrap.

"Assemblage is an artistic process. In the visual arts, it consists of making a three-dimensional artistic composition from putting together found objects."

This kit contains

82 elements *

14 papers


[FONT="Palatino Linotype"]October theme on deviantscrap is assemblage. Here is my attempt to create kit that fulfill all requirement of that kind of art. First of all you can find in this kit many different styles: a bit of collage, some art dolls and also elements similar to steampunk themed kits (gears and metal bits). Elements are designed from versatile materials like: wood, metal and also glass. There are also some found objects that I reworked into art pieces like spoon, rusted fork, parts of old iron, medieval chastity belt or false teeth. Papers are created using rusted,vintage and peeling paint wood textures mixed together to achieve weathered and grungy look.

* there are 84 elements in fact , as two elements got double version

This kit is for Personal Use only.[/FONT]


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Page by Billa


14 September 2011

Some old and new stuff ....

I just put one of my 2010 releases to the shop. My Master of Puppet kit.

This kit contains:
82 elements
10 papers

I always wanted to create a kit stylised on baroque style. I also love old puppet theatres and decided to make this unusual Halloween kit. I put in this kit very versatile elements so you can also use it as usual kit and also after Halloween to create some art dolls. This kit is designed in grey and red colours but contains also some typical autumn colours accents like decayed brown and some gold elements which were typical for baroque. Papers are decorated with wonderful damask patterns, peeling paint and vintage wallpapers. I created also one scene paper. With this kit you can try to change yourself into a puppet. Use different plastic legs, mannequin hands and torso. Some creepy eyes or button wigs and dress make the look of a scary puppet complete.
There are no recoloured and only non shadowed elements.
This kit is S4H friendly. Read my TOU

I added also two new products :
Burned Alpha

12 August 2011

Lefties have rights! 2 dollars sale!

Because I am leftie I made this Leftie Sale on August 13th on Left Hander's Day!


Have a great Left Handed day!

30 July 2011

The Great Adventure, new cu packs and some freebies for you

First I want to announce that I start new game on deviantscrap  on 1st August. Please check this thread and search for my  Fairy Tale August Game on Monday :)

Today I released my newest kit "The Great Expedition"

“Life is either a great adventure or nothing.”

Helen Keller

This kit contains 18 papers and 85 elements. It was inspired by a movie UP. There are great hand painted scene papers with fluffy clouds and dreamy skies. Mostly hand painted elements are the perfect choice if you need to decorate some pages of little pilots or adventurers. But I included also many patterned papers and vintage elementsso this stuff is also suitable for adult photos. Old backpack, parachute, vintage airplanes, magnifying glass, helmet, pilot goggles, worn shoes, tent, camp- fire, antique photo frames, vintage clock and fluffy dog. Just anything you need to experience the greatest scrapbooking adventure ever :)

page by lulutoo
page by lulutoo

page by eagleszem

page by zaza

To see some more pages check the product previews

I also got this two commercial use packs for you.

Beautiful skies

This pack contains 6 papers with cloudy skies. I used some of them to create papers for my newest kit The Great Expedition. Wonderful skies, in dreamy colours and with fluffy clouds. One papers with water reflection and one with night sky.

This product if for CU.

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Bad Habit CU

"One thousand Americans stop smoking every day - by dying."

This quote, although shocking is unfortunately true. I do not smoke, never smoked and make this pack of bad habit commercial use elements, so you can create digital stuff or pages about how to quit smoking.
Diary about how you fight with bad habit. But you can also use it to decorate some pages with this vintage actors.. they used to smoke a lot in the 20's.

You can find there 24 elements. Cigarettes, smoke, ashtrays, matches and some burned holes. I also included some psd files with layers so you can use the holes on 3600X 3600 papers. All elements were hand painted using rendered cigarets textures.

And the best is...it costs even less then a pack of cigarettes.

Breathe healthily, live happily!

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I got also this small PU freebie for you.

One medal which coordinate with my newest kit The Great Adventure

And one papers for CU which coordinates with my newest CU skies pack