These Terms of Use apply to all products from Marta Waniek (aka Marta van Eck), whether purchased or obtained for free. By downloading Marta van Eck graphics, images, videos, e-books, music and fonts you agree to the Terms of Use and Licensing Terms outlined below. 

The graphic files contained in the products from Marta van Eck are the copyrighted property of the designer who created them.
All copyrights are reserved unless otherwise stated in the Licensing Terms. It is illegal to reproduce or distribute copyrighted material without permission of the copyright owner. The purchaser may use, copy, and modify these files according to the Licensing Terms specific to the licencing option (Personal; S4H/S4O/Craft Use License; Commercial/Professional selected when the files are purchased).

  All items are for personal use only, unless otherwise noted.
 S4H/S4O/Craft Use License 
  This S40 Licensing allows the purchaser the right to use this product in creating layouts or craft for customers. The Final product must be a flattened JPG. You may make a product that is customized for a specific end consumer and sold directly to them (e.g.: layout or scrapbook for the consumer, photo card that includes the customers  pictures).You may use these graphics to make a physical finished product that is sold by you to an end consumer, so long as the product is not mass-produced. (examples: greeting cards, albums, mixed media canvas). You may use these graphics for scrapbook pages, cards, website/blog design or any other craft as long as it is for personal or scrap 4 hire use only in a flattened form. You may modify the colors and tones in my products to suit your scrapping/creative needs. You may use these graphics to make something used to enhance or supplement another product sold by you. (examples: jewelry display cards, clothing hang-tags, a recipe card accompanying a food product, product labels).You can make materials that will be published and distributed for free, as long as the products will not be used for advertising or marketing a for-profit business and will not be mass distributed. (examples: community newsletters, programs for community theater productions, school projects). This files can not be used in any circumstance where the end consumer of the designs will be able to modify, reproduce, distribute, or sell the designs. You may not share, loan, sell, rent, or transfer these files to any other party by any other means. (not in the form of a .psd file or any other layered file, only flattered form). You may not take credit for the creation of them. YOU MAY NOT Make Quick Pages or templates from my S4H/S4O kits and offer them for sale at Physics Stores, On-Line Stores or any Web-sites. You may use this license just for your HOME-BASED BUSINESS at commissioned projects. If you are interested to use my designs at great scale projects, contact-me. Resale of ANY of the kit contents, brushes, elements or alphabets as scrapbooking products, stationary or any other commercial use other than in completed layouts, craft or photographs for others is prohibited.
 Personal Use license (NON-COMMERCIAL USE)
All items purchased/freebies are Copyright to Marta Waniek ( Marta van Eck). You can alter these graphics and use them in your "PERSONAL"scrapbooking, tagging, web/Blog Layouts or card making etc. You can submit layouts that you have created with the items from this kit to any scrapbook/tagging site as long as you give proper credit to me. You may re-color anything within this product, take it apart and use it with other kits, resize, etc. You may not re-sell, lend or redistribute this product, in part or in whole, and represent it as your own creation. You may not use any products for the purpose of albums, cards, stationery or any other type of art that will be used for selling or generating income from this products.
 Commercial Use license
  All items purchased/freebies are Copyright to Marta Waniek ( Marta van Eck) .Marta van Eck reserves the right to modify, update, and change our Terms of Use and Licensing Terms at any time, with or without notice. The term â€œmass produced” is defined as producing more than 500 of a physical/durable product. The term â€œmass distributed” is defined as distributing more than 5,000 copies of any printed or digital material, or 10,000 hits/viewings of any material posted online. The term â€œend consumer” is defined as the final purchaser or user of the product created using our designs. Typically, the person purchasing the commercial product from Marta van Eck is not the end consumer.
A Commercial Use license must be obtained when:
 The designs will be modified for the purpose of selling or distributing the designs themselves as the end product, like: digital scrapbooking kits, digital embroidery patterns. 
  1. The product made from the designs will be sold or distributed in a digital format, allowing modification by the end consumer. Examples: blog or website designs, facebook header where the consumer adds their own pictures, digital presentations or slide-show templates. 
  2. The designs will be used by a non-profit organization to create a product that will be published and distributed at a cost to the end consumer, as long as the product will not be mass distributed. 
  3. The designs will be used to make marketing graphics, advertising, or informational products that will be used by a for-profit business, so long as the products will not be mass distributed. 

The Commercial Use License products may not be: 
 Used to create any physical product that is mass produced or any printed or digital material that is mass distributed. Sold (or given away for free) without modifying or altering the designs first. Our designs should be considered a design tool not a final design product. Your final product must be a derivative of the Marta van Eck product you purchased. You MAY NOT sell these original products (either in whole or part) and market them as your own creation. Commercial use shapes, doodles, templates, overlays , flowers, bows, styles etc. Sold (or given away for free) in their entirety - any product (such as a digital scrapbooking kit or clip art package) that is using our designs may not contain more than 40% designs from Marta van Eck. You MAY create freebies using this product ie. for digital scrapkits or mini kits but not element packs.You MAY NOT redistribute this product, in part or whole, in any way. This includes cd/dvd, graphic collections, email, group or website links. Used to make a Commercial Use digital scrapbooking kit (known as CU4CU). You may NOT use these images for obscene, defamatory or immoral works or for any other purpose that is prohibited by law. You MAY use our designs to make a kit that will be sold as S4H/S4O only. Made into any product or digital material that is then resold by the end consumer. We do not require you to provide us credit for the commercial license products you use. It is always appreciated, but not necessary. 
Personal Use license for Prints and Stock photos (NON-COMMERCIAL USE) 
What you can do with the file?   
  • Electronic uses: websites, web banners, newsletters, PDF documents, blogs, email, slide shows, cell phones, splash screens... 
  • Print uses: magazine articles, books, advertising, brochures, documents, illustrations, booklets, brochures, billboards, business cards, packaging, decorations... 
  • Video uses: TV show decoration/illustration, video presentations, movie illustrations... 
Please note that use of our files is prohibited in the following cases: Pornography Adult entertainment clubs or escort services Political endorsements Logos, trademarks, or service marks. Please also note that use of our images on social networks is possible only: If the size is less than 1000 x 1000 pixels And if the copyright information appears on the image itself.
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