30 March 2011

I am not a princess - new kit and some freebies for you.

Here it is! The new kit. You try to guess what kind of? I must say some of you were pretty near ...It is not a wedding kit, although it could be for sure used to prepare some wedding pages. It is also not fairy tale kit, although you could sure see there enchanted princess and  frog prince. This is also not vintage birthday kit...
But this iiiiiiiissssssss:

Art Journal kind kit with the princess as the main subject.

It is my first project where I try to design like  Art Journal  stuff.   There are many hand  painted flowersjournal tags, word arts. Frames mostly decorated with watercolourtextures and some worn edges. There is also frog prince and real prince.  The real prince comes from a very old book with renaissance painting. It was black and white photo so I  recoloured it to give him that splendour look. Just like  I also did with the princess photo included in this kit. This is not only  kit about love. It is also about sadness, dreaming and waiting... I  designed two wonderful dolls dressed like a princess , with linen bodies and sad eyes. You can also play with wonderful doodle birdies and flowers. Some elements got two versions ( e.g. cut out version and sticker version). Paper are designed in girly colours: pink, violet and turquoise. I combined some watercolour textures, hand painted canvas and many newspaper patterns and vector elements ( like birds, dolls and damask ornaments) together to give them that art journal look.
Hope you like it ...
This kit is for Personal Use only.

92 elements ( some have two version so there should be  96 elements)
10 papers

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I got also this wonderful freebies for you My new oldie but goldie stuff in the section Freebies. Take me to the moon kit. Some of you know it for sure because it was already available on my blog as freebie.

And this wonderful elements for CU.

I also fill  out DeviantScrap shop with my goodies from 2010.

7 eggs with artistic  pattern and 3 natural eggs.
This product is for PU/CU/ S4H

And of course I got winners of my blog contest :)

and Tam..
I will contact you soon and send you a coupon or leave you message on blog so you can contact me.

If you download this and find it useful please let me know and post your comments.

23 March 2011

Sneak peek , contest and freebie

I send my kid to my mom..to Poland so I got plenty time for designing. ANd I got this new kit for you which will be release on 31 March on deviantscrap. I will show you only two sneak peek and give you a change to win it. Just as always try to guess what it could be? I try to use different font for my blog but I am not really sure if you can see that this post in written with a weird font? I try to trick blogger a little but I can nit see if it works:) I can see the difference for me  but not sure if it is working on other computers too... Perhaps you can tell me?

Here are the previews.....

Try to guess what kind of kit this is and  I will come back on 31 on the release day and will pick up 3 happy winners :)

I also add my kit Don Quixote from 2006 I think to the freebies. There are 11 papers and 56 elements. Hope you like it :)
Here is the link to get it...

If you download this and find it useful please let me know and post your comments.

13 March 2011

Milky Day - my newest kit and freebie kit for you.

I did created new kit. I am so happy about this . I was sick almost one month and could not work as I wish. But I feel better so to celebrate this I got some new freebies in Freebie section for you. 
First,  I want to show you my newest kit. 

 This product contains:
12 papers 
88 elements
 This kit is a MUST have for every Milk and cow lover.  Funny cows, liquid milk splashes , drops and drips , cows udder and tongue, coffee, egg, butter, cheese, doodle frames and honey. But this is not all. There are some fluffy clouds, antique  pilot hat and glasses and "cowplane". Papers  are decorated with cow fur, coffee suds  or sketched patterns. I designed also two scenes papers. There are also 3 wordart  to play with.
This product is S4H friendly. Read included TOU for more details.

Milk splashes: 11 different elements ( 12,94%)
Energy content: 200 cal ~ 184 MB
CU elements used in kit:  15 elements ( 17,64%)
Hand painted elements :  70 elements ( 82%)
Attention: This products contains milk. DO not buy this products if you suffer from lactose intolerance.

And now some freebie...This time my old African kit. I designed this about 3 or 4 years ago..or maybe more. I am not sure. Anyway  now it is for free. Hope someone still find it useful.

If you download this and find it useful please let me know and post your comments.

4 March 2011

Deviant Muse at DeviantScrap and new freebie kit.

 Do you know there is a free scrapbooking magazine on deviantscrap to download? Take a look at the cover. You can get the magazine here.

Did you also know deviantscrap was publishes at summerset digital studio magazine?

The Designers of DeviantScrap are excited to present to you...
Color Splash - A Somerset Digital Studio Exclusive Kit.
This kit is featured in the Spring 2011 Issue of Somerset Digital Studio. It is FREE to their readers. Simply purchase this issue in your local bookstore or online at http://www.stampington.com/somersetdigitalstudio/, read the article featuring us and there you will find the details on how to download this kit for free!

 I am still moving some of my old stuff to the new shop. For those who do not know my old stuff I just moved my Attic series. You can get it now at DeviantScrap exclusive.

I also continue  with adding  some of my very old stuff to the freebies section.This time I got this great kit for you.

If you download this and find it useful please let me know and post your comments.