5 October 2011

Assemblage my new kit on Deviantscrap.

"Assemblage is an artistic process. In the visual arts, it consists of making a three-dimensional artistic composition from putting together found objects."

This kit contains

82 elements *

14 papers


[FONT="Palatino Linotype"]October theme on deviantscrap is assemblage. Here is my attempt to create kit that fulfill all requirement of that kind of art. First of all you can find in this kit many different styles: a bit of collage, some art dolls and also elements similar to steampunk themed kits (gears and metal bits). Elements are designed from versatile materials like: wood, metal and also glass. There are also some found objects that I reworked into art pieces like spoon, rusted fork, parts of old iron, medieval chastity belt or false teeth. Papers are created using rusted,vintage and peeling paint wood textures mixed together to achieve weathered and grungy look.

* there are 84 elements in fact , as two elements got double version

This kit is for Personal Use only.[/FONT]


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