31 January 2011

"The more deviant you can be, the better. "

Yes... this is true. I am "devianted"...now officially  at deviantScrap. So if you  are fan of my stuff you can find it now here. I created this new première kit extra for  DeviantScrap. Take a look at the previews.

This is a very special movie kit. Tribute for Charlie Chaplin Movies and the era of Silent Movies. You can crate great movie scene using my perspective papers but also classic pages with pattern papers and feel the whiff of the 20's. If you like Charlie Chaplin. The Marx Brothers, Ingrid Bergman, Grace Kelly, Katherine Hepburn, Gene Kelly or Olivia de Havilland you will be delighted with the content oft  this kit. You can ever try to look like of of them using some cloths that I designed and then place yourself right in the middle of some famous movie scene using my b&w scenes papers. This is also perfect for some dress up  photos  with your kids. Baggy pants, big shoes, a cane, tie and a derby hat. Of course I did not forget to add also famous Chaplin´s moustache and eyebrows.This kit contains also old movie overlay which let you transform just any photo into silent movie scene. Just play with blending modes to achieve required effects. 

I make also this movie with pages created by my  Creative Team.
You can  put the new kit direct in your basket from my blog :)

Price: 5$

I also add this set of Cinematic PU Masks to my shop. This set of masks could also be useful with the new kit Silence is Golden.

This kit contains :
8 photo masks
Wonderful cinematic masks are perfect for all your retro and experimental  film needs.

Attention! These masks are very similar (although different) that masks included in my kit Silence is Golden. So if you bought already this kit check it first if you need some more cinematic masks.

You can get  them here.

I got also this freebie for you. Because I put these elements on the preview I was sure I get a lot of question if the little Chaplins are included in the kit..so NO they were not but I want to share them with you for free. The kid I dress up like Chaplin using only elements from the kit is my son so I would not feel comfortable selling photos my own child;)

Two extracted "Chaplins". Please no obscure, erotic or violet pages.

Read my PU TOU for more info what you can do with this elements.

On Thursday I will also got some more freebies for you and I also announce the lucky ones who win my new kit in the last blog contest ;)


Anonymous said...

I'm totally speechless.....best movie kit in Digi Scrap-land!
love your stuff!!!

Tam said...

What a fantastic kit! Thank you Marta for the "little Chaplins."

just Patty Anne said...

I ADORE ADORE ADORE These guys! Have been anxiously awaiting their appearance here on your blog!

I'm stalking you now!

SOOOOO excited that you're at Deviant Scrap now!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome kit!
Thanks a lot for Mr. Chaplin!

Jitka said...

Congrats to your new shop and thank you for this fantastic freebie!

nibylandia said...

Wspaniały zestaw i cudne free, za które dziękuję.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations !!! I am such a fan. This kit is stunning. If you need ct member... I would be honourrrrrrrrrr.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations !!! I am such a fan. This kit is stunning. If you need ct member... I would be honourrrrrrrrrr.

Losing 100 said...

Congrats! :o)

Anonymous said...

Thank You from the bottom of my heart for this and all you share!
~ Paula

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