4 February 2013

Once Upon a Time - deviantscrap collab and many freebies.

Once Upon a Time

"nce Upon A Time, there were a group of deviant designers who wished to take the citizens of Deviantville on a magical journey. They packed up their horse and carts, saddled a sassy donkey and took the path less traveled. They wandered through enchanted forests, paused at the cliffs watch the dragons soar and visited the quirky, yet friendly folks, at Castle Von Deviant. With each step of the way, the citizens collected souvenirs and took copious photos to mark and remember this splendid adventure. In the end, all rejoiced in taking part of this enchanted journey to places that mere mortals only dream of. "

Welcome! Wonderful news for all fairytale and fantasy fans. Deviantscrap is about to present our new collab: Once Upon a Time. I created for that occasion 3 series of products.

Full scrapboking kit:

This kit contains 106 elements and 20 papers. I included in this pack also Le Fabulist alpha which suits pretty well with this theme. My part of the collab is filled with some old cabinet persons which were turned into fairytales characters like Snow White Queen, Genie, Hansel and Gretel or Little Red Hood Riding. You can find here also The Price Frog, 3 pigs and the Wolf and some other animals. Although this stuff is very related with fairytales you can also find many universal elements  that can be used with every photo eg. roses, wooden frames, dried flowers and some papers. See the wonderful examples  created by other scrapbooking artists.
This kit is for Personal Use and S4H. Read my TOU for more info. Find it here

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Fairytale stamps for PU/CU

Collection of 13 stamps in black and white on transparent background. Fairytale themed stamps were find in and old play manuscript. You can use them as they are or alter .

This product is for Personal and Commercial Use ok. 

This set contains 10 fairytale themed ATC backgrounds. This pictures are coming from an old fairytale book dated on 1900. Great addition for  any journals and ATC pojects.
This product coordinates with the entire series of Once Upon a Time products.
This product is for personal and S4H use ok.

This product coordinates with the entire series of Once Upon a Time products.
Also there is big freebie to grab on deviantscrap. For more info see the add below.

I got also small freebie for you.
This  two elements for personal use.
Personal use freebie is here 


If you download this and find it useful please let me know and post your comments.


aquascrap said...

Thankyou for this wonderful freebie

Anonymous said...

Marta, thank you for your lovely victorian design.

Anonymous said...

I can't download this. The link is bad.

I really would like to have it.

Could you help me?

Anonymous said...

This is great! Thank you.

Barbara said...

The FairTale kit is food for my love of fantasy and Mother Goose tales. And the stamps are great! Thank you for the beautiful freebie.

Marta Waniek said...

If you had problems with download was bandwitch limit. No it should work again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, and congrats for your inspiration !

RoseAddict said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the lovely freebie, Marta!!!

Sabine said...

Thank you Marta for these lovely people :)

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