28 March 2013

Facebook exclusive freebie.

Have a great Easter. I put this Easter freebie on my facebook fan page if someone if interested. Grab it here

For  those of you who do not use facebook:

I got some comments that people do not find it ok they had to pay for this kit someday. Yes when it was NEW release. For 3 years of maybe more I was selling it at my old store. I think it is not bad to share it after 3 year then let it be storage on my computer. It is just to good to delete it so I think sharing this one will still make some people who did not buy it happy. If you are a person who bought it for 3 years and already got it send me short info at martavadereck@googlemail.com and I can make you happy with the coupon to my store for 5 dollars.

If you download this and find it useful please let me know and post your comments.


Anonymous said...

Too bad I don't do Facebook! (Don't really want to either but begining to feel forced into a corner!)

Sue said...

Thanks so much for the lovely kit! :)