8 April 2012

50% coupon from Marta van Eck


Kovaxka said...

Congrats!!!! Thanks for the coupon!

PS said...

Congratulations on the birth of your little one! So special! He looks just precious!

Just tried the coupon code, and it said it wasn't valid.
- I was logged in
- I used this code: JAKOB_30032012
- I did place it in the coupon area of view cart.
- It is April 8th...nearly April 9th.

I'll try again tomorrow.
Hugs, Nancy

Char- The Mad Shopper said...

It would not work for me either.

Anonymous said...

Just not working yet ... maybe later tonight?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on Jakob! I tried to place an order too-- the coupon wouldn't work! It's 4-9-2012.

I hope you can get it to work!
I'll try tomorrow.


Marta Waniek said...

I am sorry .I just check the coupon and now it s working. Please try gain. I also make it working till 14th May :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm not entering the code correctly? JAKOB_30032012?

Anonymous said...

Oh, it just worked this time! Thank you so very much for your sale and here's wishing you a wonderful, rewarding time with your new baby!


Congratulations Marta. Thanks for the coupon.

Peter said...

Congrats!!!! Thanks for the coupon!
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